Chubby Grandma Gobbling Down Dick

Duration: 29m, 30s, Starring Tina, G

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Tina might look like your typical 50 year old grandma, but it turns out that she has a very kinky way of thinking that requires her to gobbling down as much cock as she can get her mouth on. She absolutely loves getting that dick all over her, whether she is going for the deepthroat or her old cunt is getting a work out. She has a great set of natural tits that aren't wrinkly in the least, and a good amount of chub going on that has G all hot and bothered, since he's a real mature chubby chaser.

Big Ass Whore Christina Rides A Boner

Duration: 32m, 25s, Starring Christina X, Del G

(3985 Votes)

She might be a bit chunky, but you can tell that mature babe Christina X still fancies herself as a bit of a hottie! She's wearing a printed T-shirt and a short dress that would probably suit someone much more youthful than her. You have to give her credit, though; she sure knows how to take care of her hair and makeup to make herself look fresh! There is also no mistaking the enthusiasm with which she sucks the cock of her man Del, who has a short but thick cock with extremely large balls. There is a fantastic close-up of Christina's ass bouncing on the cock, with her generous cheeks sucking the entire length of the penis into her cunt.

BBW Sadie Drenched By A Hot Cum Shower

Duration: 22m, 16s, Starring Sadie, Glen

(2881 Votes)

Computer programmer Glen might only be in his mid-30s, but with his balding pate and glasses, he has a lot of trouble picking up any decent chicks down at the bar. Lucky for him, there are plenty of big ass mature fuck sluts like Sadie who are willing to take his cock in their slippery holes! He sits down on the sofa with Sadie, who wastes no time in peeling off her clothes until she is just wearing her slutty fishnets. She really looks like two dollar street whore! Then Glen gets down to business, plugging her shaved pussy until he is ready to blow. Sadie loves feeling the warm spray of his creamy jism as it drenches her chunky body.

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